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Something very strange happened to me yesterday afternoon ( May 22 ) In any case, the story is this. about 1:10 xporntube I received an e- mail / message on my machine from idle chat site to go I do not think much, but leaving it running in the background. This message has a rapid onset then asked if xporntube I lived and how far you travel. I said I was very close to them, and invited me to take with them and have fun. Oddly enough, I think this must be a joke or a title. So I played, where he lived and told me that if I wanted more of them. I was told not regret it. then asked him what was expected, kept saying that over and get to know. So I asked him to give me xporntube a picture via email. They said they had no one on the computer, but it gave me the details of this boy and girl. I asked if there was a photo camera, and if they send me a picture of what they did, in fact, they sent two. pushed me comand more, and I'm thinking, this shit is bad. Keep playing along I thought I would ask what I have to go. You did not say anything because I had all the alcohol, all that is needed is some condoms. I really debated about this, I thought, what 's the worst that can happen? Now, when I said where I lived, so I really doubt in my mind. Then she asked if I was xporntube black or Asian. The place in which they lived was 15 minutes away from me, and not the best place to live, or friends, if you know what I mean. IN I was sure it was a rope and a trap, but I was very curious. One day this gets me big problems. Anyway, she gave me her phone number for me to have a chat. called and the first and second time and do not connect the xporntube ability to connect at this time. Alarm bells started to go, so I went back to the team and told them the phone number. told me to try again, I've done andThe man replied. It was very carefully did not hear any sounds. We talked briefly, then led the phone to the girls was 25 and a size of 10 completely xporntube useless to me. sounded good, xporntube if not very sexy, not a harsh xporntube voice, but a vice looks pretty solid and reassuring. He asked if I was coming, I said I do not know, because I'm pretty nervous for a minute. She said she had a little alcohol in it and I like, and I had to calm down. xporntube I do not know what is expected or not, but I will come and xporntube something to drink, because they do not do anything else. She said: You will not regret too much, but every time I say I have this feeling only one that tells me so my ass would be in trouble. But as a great curiosity, and thought, maybe everything is real depressed and lonely, and have left their mark. So I quickly changed, I took off and left my wallet Jewelary at home and minimal buttons. I went to the gas station to buy itI condoms in the purchasing process that this girl is obviously in the chat, the cashier 's nice to see someone care. I have an excuse not to leave anything in xporntube the car just in case. Then he goes there at all............. Shit I'm fucking not even run the damn gas station fast enough. Do I have to push usually turn a blind eye to all this or I just do not know, or has this thing where women Peilsender can recognize individuals? in the form of choosing our venue, ie morrisons car park at 01 : 30 am. You text me some photos, naked face and not nude but very sexy and confident that I'm on my way, and when I was. The trip had all sorts of things in my head, I was sure I would get ambushed, robbed or stolen, even the car, not a bad thing, but try to explain why the police within 8 miles away from came home, the hours of the morning, and my car Nicked, assaulted, beaten, I'm on my way to get some spoke only with the internet and im going to have sex with her... is.. not go very well. I decided I can not park my car in the parking lot of xporntube Morrison, but about 400 meters away on a residential street and well lit and go to the meeting, parking. I thought they were going out to see me where I was parking and so on. Shit, I was more nervous at the moment and from a distance. In the 8 miles that should have received about 14 texts from here and all over the huni work. One of the texts I was sent on his way to tell the straight, and I hope your other half is because I have to go thought to get through my head, attacked, or until there is nothing the same, but the idea came fuck me for a man is a little wrong. Worse, if you want to have sex, and crawled behind me....... Do not stop thinking. racking my head what xporntube the hell do I know that Vicky is one reason why he calledto see if I knew the voice. In any case, go down the road in mid- Meltham midnight totally kidding myself to think what the hell am I doing.... I was talking to me, I must be crazy. sent me a message saying it was tested in morrisons, and they returned and told to go in that direction. I started the direction she has given me more text provided an update on where I'm coming every 10 seconds. I thought, shit, must be beaten in the vicinity or send as many text myself busy, but I had to do very attentive. total was not what I did because xporntube I'ma pretty decent housing, all that is expected, except for a residential area on the left. I tell you the text to the right past the factories of Morrison and the block on the left side, which I thought at first floor. He and said, down the road when going around the street, stopped for some reason and Corning my eye I thought I saw a curtain moving behind me in the street. So I say, a text that I had seen on the street, he said, turn ringand and cross the street to xporntube Van. Then another text told me to head to the home of 37 years, I stayed for a few seconds to remember my thoughts, and what plan of action would be. No plans, no ideas, no sense of danger I went to the door leaning against the wall and breathed deep breathing. xporntube I have to admit, the emotion was there, which is somewhat curious...... exactly what the hell am I supposed to do and think. Then open the door xporntube and heard a familiar voice greeted me and they come after the door was just stuck in your head. At that time I was so nervous, I had everything closed and thought, you can always go for a drink and go out again to hide except for probably six guys xporntube at the top of the jump. I closed the door behind me, and when I turned around I saw he was wearing a robe. He entered the living room, and he was downstairs in a robe and on Saturdays as well. On television, which I thought was a porn movie and put it on TV out, the scene 's elder brother,were all in bed. Vicky I sat in the living room lit up, it was incredibly attractive. I had thought of someone very ugly and overweight, and all that, but there was next to me, all that the opposite of what one can imagine. In current thinking, that something is wrong, she was too attractive. asked if I wanted a drink, a beer or something I said yes, definitely need something to calm my nerves. He stood up when I realized that they are a good pair of legs that had passed while he sat, but was rising much more. While she was away, the man asked what I think, said that the bloody nervous as hell, he goes about his girlfriend. gob without words hit me and said, very attractive. That is, is that good and feel free at home and can play with her ​​breasts when she comes in. I do not, of course, if she returns, but we continue with the discussion of all backgrounds and chat. No more beer had causedhe was the last baby, she brought a bottle of vodka with orange juice and a little left quarter. As much as I xporntube can not drink straight spirits, drinking a glass of pure Voka and I have another before I knew he finished what was left of it. I said there was no one in the house arose, and no cameras. I told him I was not too worried, because in any case, not a politician, and that in one room. He left the living room again, when he returned, he had said about the gown she did, I thought, fuck me. He said that what I think on his chest, playing with one and then leave it. I was totally beat drop, without words and I think I have to do in my life, in fact what I did yesterday. xporntube I said the feeling that they approached me and sat down. And he put his hand on his chest, he whispered a few words to, but before I knew xporntube what was going on my tits. Do you want to train the rest of this....... He has never playedI was everything he was doing to me with his girlfriend. She was amazing, did everything you can think off and never objected. I have not left the house, in the May 10 went home, went to bed and awoke with the feeling that everything was a dream.
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